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Outlook 2013 Compact View (How to)
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Depending on your screen size you may wish to switch Outlook 2013 in to “Compact View”.  Switching to compact view will free up more screen space which is great for reading on Windows Tablets.  You may also find that after you’ve installed Outlook 2013 on a table that it has automatically defaulted to Compact View […]

Tabs Missing in Outlook 2010
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Upon opening Outlook 2010 you may find that the Home, Send/Receive, Folder and View tabs are missing.  You may have already tried to fix the issue by: Deleting the Outlook Profile Checking the Outlook Options Disabling all plugins Checking that the Minimize the Ribbon is not checked Repairing Outlook If all the above steps fail […]

How to View Internet Headers in Outlook 2013
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These steps will show you how to view the internet headers in Outlook 2013.  This will also work for Outlook 2010 but has not been tested on any other versions. Step 1 Double Click on the Email Message << This bit is important.  If you only highlight the email message you won’t see the correct […]

Word, Excel and Outlook won’t open after installing Epson Printer
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Symptom Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook 2013 are no longer starting up and getting stuck on the splash screen after installing a new Epson Printer. Cause Abbyy Fine Reader Program that is installed as part of the Epson Printer installation package may be causing the issue Resolution If you don’t plan on using Abbyy […]

Teamviewer Icon Missing in Outlook 2013
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If the Teamviewer or any other icon disappears from Outlook 2013 it has most likely been disabled automatically by Outlook due to causing Outlook to startup slowly or crash. To check whether this is the case: Step 1 Click on File Step 2 Click on Manage Add-Ins (Slow and Disabled Add-ins) Step 3 If the […]

How to Use Quicksteps to Automate Outlook 2013
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In this video, we will look at how to use Quicksteps in Outlook 2013 to automate common tasks in Outlook 2013.  For those not familiar with quicksteps, these are a bit like macro’s which can be set up to perform multiple tasks with a click of the button.  You can find Quicksteps on the ribbon […]

Customising the Inbox View and Layout on Outlook 2013
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Customizing and Working with Layouts and Views in Outlook 2013 In this video you will learn: How to change and customize the current view from compact to single and preview How to show emails in conversation view Change the message preview from a couple of lines to full preview Learn how to sort your email […]

How to Change Outlook 2013 Temperature to Celsius From Farenheit
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As more and more people start upgrading their Microsoft Office to 2013, one of the handy little features I have noticed in the Outlook calendar is the ability to show the weather forecast and temperature up the top.  It comes as welcome surprise as I spend a great deal of my time in Outlook and […]

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