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How to Set Up Office 365 on iPhone Default IOS 12 Mail App

With the release of IOS 12, the instructions for adding an Office 365 account to the default iPhone App have changed slightly from IOS 11.  Here are the revised instructions. Step 1 – Click on Settings from your iPhone Home Screen   Step 2 – Click on Passwords & Accounts     Step 3 – […]

How to Set Up Office 365 on IOS 11 Default Mail App

*** These Instructions are for iPhone users running IOS 11.  For IOS 12 please follow these instructions. *** Step 1 – Click on Settings from your iPhone Home Screen Step 2 – Click on Accounts & Passwords   Step 3 – Click on Add Account Step 4 – Click on Exchange Step 5 – Enter […]

How to List Mailbox Sizes on Office 365 using Windows Powershell

When performing this task make sure you are using the standard Windows Powershell, not the Microsoft Online Services Module version.  This article assumes you are already familiar with Windows Powershell Step 1 Open Windows Powershell as Administrator Step 2 Enter the following commands in to the Powershell Command Prompt Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned (only needs to be run […]

Set up Office 365 Email on Android

Here are the basic instructions to setting up Office 365 on your Android Email App.  Please be aware that there are many different versions of Android so your device might have a slightly different set of fields. 1. Tap Settings. 2. Tap Accounts. 3. Tap Add Account. 4. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. 5. Enter your […]

How to Download and Install Office 2016 (Office 365 Subscription)

Here are the instructions for Downloading and Installing Office 2016 as part of your Office 365 subscription.  These instructions were created for Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge as the internet browser. Open Microsoft Edge Type in the search bar Enter your username and password click on sign in Click on the Install Office 2016 button […]

Outlook 2013 Keeps Prompting for Username and Password using Office 365

If you are experiencing an issue where Outlook 2013 keeps prompting for Credentials and you are connecting to Hosted Exchange on Office 365 here is one simple fix which may resolve the problem.  Try deleting the credentials for Office 365 in the Windows Credential Manager. Step 1 Open the Control Panel and Click on Credential […]

How to Install Office 365 Apps on Windows

Here are the instructions to install your Office 365 Apps – Word, Excel, Outlook etc.. on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Step 1 Open up an internet browser and type the following in to the address bar: Step 2 Log on with your email address and password Step 3 Click on Install […]

How to Block iPhone and Android Outlook App Access to Office 365

Whilst you may have disabled OWA for Mobile Devices in your Office 365 Tenancy you may also need to disable the Outlook App for iPhone and Android as well if you are looking at removing messaging off your mobile devices. Step 1. Connect to Office 365 via Powershell Open Windows Powershell and run the following command: […]

Recover Deleted Items Missing in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Many articles on recovering deleted items in Outlook Web Access say to right click on the “Deleted Items” folder will bring up the “Recover Deleted Items” menu item however in more recent versions of Outlook Web Access this doesn’t bring up the option. To resolve this issue click on the “More” Menu Item first and […]

How To Forward Office 365 Email Address to External Address without a Mailbox

To set up email forwarding in Office 365 to an external email address without creating a mailbox please follow these instructions: Step 1. Log in to Office 365 Go to Step 2. Go to Exchange Admin On the left sidebar under Admin click on Exchange Step 3. Create a New Mail User Click on […]

How to Change Office 365 Message Size Limit

Here’s how to change the Office 365 Message Size Limit for Messages, Tasks etc.. for Individual Accounts and as the default for new Office 365 Accounts. Change Office 365 Message Limit for an Individual Account Only Step 1. Open Exchange Admin Once logged in to your Office 365 portal click on Admin on then left […]

Configure Windows Live Mail for Office 365 Hosted Exchange

When configuring Windows Live Mail for Office 365 Hosted Exchange you need to be aware that Calendars, Contacts and Tasks won’t sync – this is for email using IMAP only. Step 1 Click on Accounts and then Choose Email Step 2 Enter Your Email address, Password and Display name – Click Next Step 3 Server […]

How to Set Password to Never Expire in Office 365 Small Business

Whilst setting passwords to never expire can be easily achieved in Office 365 Medium and Enterprise levels using the GUI backend, doing the same in Office 365 Small Business is not as easily achieved due to removing many of the advanced features from the GUI.  There is away around this however.  It involves using Powershell […]

How to Connect to Office 365 Exchange Online using Remote Powershell

Remote Powershell can be used to run commands on Exchange Online.  This can be particularly useful if a feature is not available using the exchange GUI. Step 1 Run Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows Powershell. Step 2 Enter the following command $UserCredential = Get-Credential A dialogue box should pop up at this stage.  Enter […]

Excel Spreadsheet downloads instead of opening with Excel Online

Symptom You upload an excel spreadsheet to your One Drive for Business folder to enable viewing and editing from Excel Online.  When you click on the file it downloads to your computer instead of opening up automatically in Excel Online.  On closer inspection you may notice that the excel icon is slightly different to the […]

How to Set Up Office 365 on an iPhone IOS 10

These Instructions are for iPhone users running IOS 10 or earlier.  For the IOS 11 / iPhone 8 instructions please follow these instructions.  For IOS 12 please follow these instructions. 1. Click on Settings 2. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars     3. Click on Add Account 4. Click on Exchange 5. Enter your email […]

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