Telstra Fraudulent Refund Email – Phishing 11/01/2016
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Phishing emails are not anything new.  We get them all the time – Australia Post, Banking etc…  This one below however is something to keep an eye out on as it looks like someone has put in a bit of effort to make it look as it is legitimately from Telstra. As you can see […]

Apple iPhone & iPad Mail Fake Password Prompts 16/06/15
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As reported by the Stay Smart Online Security Service, users should be cautious about password prompts that appear on Apple iPhones or iPads running on IOS 8. The Mail application has a vulnerability reported that allows an attacker to create their own password prompt, it appears upon receiving an email.  The Apple password prompt appears […]

Apple Store Phishing Email 15/06/15
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Here’s a quite obvious example of an Apple Store Phishing Email.  There are a number of immediate clues that the scammers have not put in much of an effort.  If they new anything about response rates they could have easily made this one more authentic looking but I’m sure they’ll catch some unsuspecting people out. […]

Australian Tax Office (ATO) scam email 18/05/15
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It looks like that the latest round of ATO scam emails is going around again.  This one looks pretty legitimate but there are some clues to look out for. 1. Hovering over the link in the email reveals a fake website address 2. The fake website address is different again once the link has been […]

CBA Phishing Email 24/03/2015
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Commonwealth Bank Customers Alert – Be aware of phishing email purporting to be the Commonwealth Bank claiming that your credit card statement is ready to view online.  See below for details.  As with all emails that require you to log in, vigilance is key. To the experienced eye, noting that the email address is not […]

ATO Refund Scam 16/03/15
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Don’t action any emails purporting to be the ATO offering a refund Keep an eye out for scam emails which are promising refunds from the ATO or any Australian Government Department. The latest scam email has the subject of “Refund” and a number which gives the impression that it is related to a transaction or […]

Paypal Phishing Example 19/11/14
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We are going to take a look at a phishing email pretending to be from PAYPAL.COM 1. Incorrect Email Address or Domain Name It is not always possible to know what email address genuine emails should come from but in this case the domain name is not what you would expect it to be. In […]

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