Attenuation and SNR Margin
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Attenuation – Distance from Exchange Less than 1km = 24Mbit 1.0km = 13.81dB = 23Mbit 1.5km = 20.7dB = 21Mbit 2.0km = 27.6dB = 18Mbit 2.5km = 34.5dB = 13Mbit 3.0km = 41.4dB = 8Mbit 3.5km = 48.3dB = 6Mbit 4.0km = 56dB = 4Mbit 4.5km = 62.1dB = 3Mbit 5.0km = 69dB = 2Mbit […]

How to Recover Emails Deleted from Deleted Items on Outlook.com
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If you’ve got an email account at Outlook.com including Hotmail etc… here is how to recover items which you have deleted from the Deleted Items folder. Step 1. Log in to outlook.com using your web browser Step 2. Click on the Deleted folder Step 3. Recover your Deleted Items Down the bottom you will see: “Lost […]

FAQ – Can we disable the Telstra Marketplace Apps emails?
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This FAQ is for clients which are on Office 365 and have been migrated over from Telstra TSuite to Telstra Marketplace Apps. When a new mailbox is set up in Office 365 and the subscription is through Telstra Marketplace Apps an email is automatically generated from Telstra asking for the user to set up a […]

Does Putting an Email Address on a Website Allow People to Spam You?
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A question that get’s asked every now and then is if you were to publish an email address on your website, does it give the right for companies to send you unsolicited commercial email to that address? The ACMA has set out some guidelines on this subject and it’s all related to inferred consent. Under […]

How To Report Spam Emails in Australia
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Reporting Spam Emails in Australia – Australia has some of the toughest anti spam laws in the world and fines have been issued out in the past for Australian companies which abuse this policy and send unsolicited commercial emails. What’s important to note is that in this article we are talking specifically about reporting Australian […]

How to import a large SQL database on a shared web host like Hostgator
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Moving a large WordPress Multisite Database to Hostgator Shared Hosting Recently we were faced with the challenge of moving a large WordPress Multisite from Amazon EC2 over to another shared web host with CPanel on it. We knew this was going to be a problem as quite often shared web hosts have an upload limit […]

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