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Dropbox LAN SYNC not Working in Windows 10
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Troubleshooting why LAN SYNC in Dropbox is not working usually involves two things. Make sure that LAN SYNC is enabled in the Dropbox application Make sure that no ports are being blocked by the Windows or a third party firewall. Providing you don’t have any third party software firewalls installed on the computer these are […]

Uninstall Windows Program Silently Using the Command Line (WMIC)
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Here are the instructions for uninstalling a program on a windows computer that was installed using the Windows Installer. The first step is to find out the names of installed programs on the windows computer.  To do this enter the following command: wmic product get name You will then see a list of all the […]

Can’t See iPhone Hotspot from Windows – iPhone Hotspot Not Visible
3.6 (13)

You may find that you have turned on the Wifi Hotspot on your iPhone yet can’t seem to find the Hotspot when trying to connect from your windows computer.  There can be a number of issues causing this problem.  Here’s a workaround so that you can find the WiFi Hotspot straight away without waiting for […]

File explorer opens and closes immediately in windows 10 due to Quick Access
4.8 (252)

If you are having issues where File Explorer Opens and then immediately closes in Windows 10 it may be due to a problem with Quick Access. Symptoms You open file explorer from the task bar or start menu in Windows 10.  File Explorer opens and immediately closes.  Right clicking on the file explorer icon in […]

How to restart the Printer Spooler in Windows 10
4.3 (23)

Here’s how to restart the printer spooler in Windows 10 without having to restart the whole computer.  Additionally, here are the instructions for restarting the printer spooler using the command prompt. Step 1 From the Cortana Search Bar Type in Services and select the Services Desktop App Step 2 Scroll down the list of services and […]

Troubleshooting RDP Connection Issues after Port Number Change
4.8 (4)

If you have modified or added an additional RDP port for a workstation or server and are now having issues connecting via remote desktop, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue. These are the Top 3 Reasons why RDP is no longer working after the port number was changed Computer […]

How to Add an Additional RDP Port to Windows 10
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Here’s how to add an Additional RDP Port to Windows 10.  Alternatively, here are the instructions if you are just looking to change the RDP port.  Whilst these instructions were written for adding an additional RDP port to Windows 10 they also apply to most other version of Windows such as Windows 8 and Windows […]

How to Change the RDP Port (Remote Desktop) in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7
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Here’s how to change the Remote Desktop Port (RDP) in Windows 10.  This also applies to Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.  Here are also the instructions if you are looking to add an additional Remote Desktop Port Step 1 Open the Windows Registry (instructions) Step 2 Browse to the following Registry Sub Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\PortNumber Step […]

Change Windows 10 Network from Public to Private
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Here’s how to change a Windows 10 network which has been detected as public to private in Windows 10 Step 1 Click on the Network Icon in the Taskbar Step 2 Click on Network Settings Step 3 Scroll down below the available networks and click on Advanced Options Step 4 Click on Make this PC Discoverable You […]

How to Clear Quick Access and Recent File and Folders in Windows 10
4.5 (8)

Here are the instructions to clear the Quick Access and Recent Files and Folders cache and return it back to factory default state in Windows 10. Step 1 Open File Explorer Step 2 Click on the View tab Step 3 Click on Options Step 4 Under the Privacy tab click on the Clear box Step 5 Click […]

How to Disable Quick Access in Windows 10 Sidebar
2.3 (7)

Whilst some users may find the Quick Access feature in the Windows 10 sidebar useful, there are many that don’t.  Here’s how to disable Quick Access in Windows 10 and restore the standard File Explorer sidebar. Step 1 Open File Explorer Step 2 Click on the View tab Step 3 Click on the Options Button Step […]

Remove or Disable One Drive Integration from Windows 10
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In this tutorial we are going to look at how to remove / disable One Drive and One Drive for Business from Windows 10.  This is particularly applicable with swapping over from using One Drive to another cloud sharing service such as Dropbox and you want to clean up the system as to not cause […]

How to Check if a USB3 Device is Only Running in USB2 Mode
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Sometimes you may need to find out whether a USB3 device is only running in USB2 mode even when plugged in to a USB3 port.  Sometimes there are messages that Windows presents such as “this device is not running in usb 3.0 mode“, but at other times no message is presented.  A recent case was […]

Rats WebGL Hit a Snag – Google Chrome
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If you are presented with the Rats WebGL Hit a Snag error message whilst using Google Chrome, here is how to resolve the error message: Step 1 Click on the three bars at the top right hand side of Google Chrome Step 2 Click on Settings Step 3 Scroll down the page and click on Show Advanced […]

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