If you’ve changed the Remote Desktop Port or added another Remote Desktop Listening Port in Windows 10 and your Firewall is active you will need to manually create a rule to allow incoming connection on the new port.  Here’s how to add a new TCP rule for RDP in the Windows 10 Firewall.

Step 1

Open Windows Firewall.  Since you’ve managed to create an RDP port using the windows registry we’ll assume you know how to get to the windows firewall.

Step 2

With Windows Firewall open click on Advanced Settings.  The Windows Firewall Advanced windows will open.

Step 3


Click on Inbound Rules in the left pane and then click on New Rule in the right pane

Step 4

Check the Port radio and then click on next

Step 5

Add TCP Rule Windows Firewall 2

Leaving the TCP radio checked type in the port number you changed or added for the RDP listening port.  Click on Next

Step 6

Make sure Allow the connection is selected and click on Next

Step 7

Choose what networks this rule should apply to on the next page and click on Next

Step 8

Give the Rule a name and click on Finish


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