Here’s a quite obvious example of an Apple Store Phishing Email.  There are a number of immediate clues that the scammers have not put in much of an effort.  If they new anything about response rates they could have easily made this one more authentic looking but I’m sure they’ll catch some unsuspecting people out.


Here’s what makes this email so easy to spot as a phishing email:

  1. They have tried to use an apple address as the sender but their software has clearly revealed a different address.  I don’t remember being part of Apple
  2. They have created a sense of urgency in the subject line by encasing it in ::Urgent::
  3. The link to certainly doesn’t seem legitimate.

The Website Itself actually looks pretty authentic.  It’s almost like they had two separate people working on drafting the email vs creating the website.


You can still see however that the website address isn’t

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