In Windows 10, in order to access shared folders and computers on the local network you will need to make your own PC discoverable.  This sounds counter intuitive however if you haven’t selected the right network type for the network you are connected to or Windows has incorrectly detected type you will need to turn this on manually.


You may be having trouble accessing shared folders on the local network

You can only see a few, if any other computers on your local network


Turn on Make this PC Discoverable in Windows Settings

Step 1

Click on Start

Step 2

Click on Settings

Step 3

Click on Network & Internet

Step 4

Scroll down and click on Advanced Options

Advanced Options - Network Settings - Windows 10

Step 5

Toggle on Make this PC Discoverable


If after changing the Make this PC discoverable you are still unable to access local resources on your network there may be other factors at play which are not covered by this article.

Applies to: Windows 10

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