To set up your Windows 10 Computer as a Wifi hotspot:

  1. Ensure your Windows 10 PC is 100% updated.  You will need to be running Version 1607 or higher.  To check the version you are on hold down Win + R , type in winver and press enter.  You will be presented with the following screen:
  2. Once you’ve checked that you’ve got version 1607 or higher we can close this screen.
  3. Click on Start and then the Settings icon
  4. Click on Network and Internet
  5. Click on Mobile Hotspot in the left hand sidebar (you won’t see this if you don’t have Wifi on your computer)
  6. Turn On Share my internet connection with other devices
  7. Further down the page it will show you the Network Name and Network Password:
    If you want to change the name or password you can click on the Edit button directly below
  8. Close the settings screen and you should be able to see your new Wifi Hotspot from other devices.
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