You may find that your Documents & Data Usage in iTunes is showing as very high for your iPhone.  Checking the Usage on your iPhone directly may not add up to the total usage – this may be caused by data corruption or a software bug on your iPhone.


To check if this is the case, on your iPhone:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Click on Storage & iCloud Usage
  4. Under STORAGE click on Manage Storage
  5. Scroll Down the list of Apps and check if there is any App taking up an unusual amount of high storage space.
  6. Also check the storage taken up by iCloud on the same page.

If you can’t locate where the extra storage has been taken up then it is possible that you are experiencing the symptoms detailed above.

The quickest way to resolve the problem is to ensure your iPhone is backed up, restore it to factory settings and restore from backup – we recommend using iTunes to complete a full backup of your iPhone in this case as it will be substantially faster to restore your iPhone than using iCloud.

If this was the issue on your iPhone, once this has been completed you should notice that the space taken by Documents & Data has reduced considerably.

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