Troubleshooting why LAN SYNC in Dropbox is not working usually involves two things.

  1. Make sure that LAN SYNC is enabled in the Dropbox application
  2. Make sure that no ports are being blocked by the Windows or a third party firewall.

Providing you don’t have any third party software firewalls installed on the computer these are the steps to ensure the conditions are right for LAN SYNC to work properly.

Step 1 – Enable LAN SYNC on Dropbox

  1. Click on the Dropbox icon in your system tray
  2. Click on the Gear Icon
  3. Click on Preferences
  4. Select the Bandwidth Tab
  5. Put a tick in the box which says to enable LAN SYNC
    Enable Lansync Dropbox

Step 2 – Make sure that the network you are connected to is a Private Network

Dropbox LAN SYNC won’t work if your network type is Public.  You may be able to get it to work with some firewall rules but the easiest way to ensure everything is open for syncing is to make the network Private.

If your Windows 10 is on a private network the simplest way to check is if the switch for “Make this PC Discoverable” is turned on.  Here’s how to make your Windows 10 PC discoverable.

Now that you’ve checked and changed these settings, LAN SYNC should start working properly provided that the exact same conditions are on other PC’s connected to the private network.