Here’s how to exclude events showing up in the daily SBS reports for Windows Server SBS 2011

Step 1.

Download the SBS Alerts Cleanup Package located here

Step 2

Extract the files

Step 3

Right click on the properties of the individual files inside the folder and choose the unblock option down the bottom

Step 4

Open Windows Powershell as an Administrator and browse to the folder

Step 5

Run the following command to install the package

.\SBSAlertsCleanup.ps1 –Action install

Step 6

Run the following command to list the current events being reported

.\SBSAlertsCleanup.ps1 –Action ListEvents

It will look something like this:

ID Event Source
— —– ——
1 129 WinRM
2 142 WinRM
3 4107 Microsoft-Windows-CAPI2
4 10016 DCOM
5 10009 DCOM
6 5586 SharePoint Foundation
7 6772 SharePoint Foundation
8 6398 SharePoint Foundation
9 8 MSExchange CmdletLogs
10 6 MSExchange CmdletLogs

Step 7

Run the following command followed by the ID to exclude an event from future reports:

.\SBSAlertsCleanup.ps1 –Action AddExclusion –ID 10

This command would exclude the event 10 6 MSExchange CmdletLogs

Step 8

To confirm it has been excluded run the following command again and it should not show up in the list:

.\SBSAlertsCleanup.ps1 –Action ListEvents

Full details and more commands can be found at the following Technet article



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