In this article we are going to look at How to Create a New Contact in Outlook 2016.  We’ll go through the easy way to enter basic information and also cover in detail the various options you can add to a contact.


The Easy Way to Enter a Contact in Outlook 2016

Create Contact Outlook 2016

  1. Open your Contacts List
  2. Click on the New Contact Button on the Ribbon
  3. Fill in at a minimum the Full Name of the person and an email address and/or phone number
  4. Click on the Save and Close Button

Adding Detailed Information to a Contact In Outlook 2016

  1. Open your Contacts List
  2. Click on the New Contact Button on the Ribbon
  3. Click on the Full Name Button and fill in the required details, Click OKContact-Outlook-2016-Full-Name

    What you should have noticed is that there are a few options down the side in Boxes.  Just as we have clicked on the Full Name box to enter more detailed information about the contact, you can do the same with the other boxes such as Email, Business Phone etc…  Next to each of the boxes is a drop down arrow.  Clicking on this will let you change the Field which is displayed in the box.  In the example below you can see how that these fields can be changed to many different options:Contact-Dropdown-Office-2016


  4. Contact Picture – If you click on the contact picture you can select a photo from your computer for your newly created contactContact-Picture-Outlook-2016


  5. Map It Button – If you’ve enter the address correctly, clicking on this will open a web page with Bing Maps where you see the location on a MapOutlook-2016-Map-It-Button


  6. Last but not least – the big Notes section on the right hand side is where you can add any other details about the contact
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