There are multiple reasons why Outlook is producing the error 0x800ccc0e when sending and receiving mail.  This can be caused by many reasons.  Here are the top 4 reasons that Error 0x800xx0e occurs.

Reason 1. Incorrect Email Settings causes Error 0x800ccc0e


Check with your email provider that the settings entered in to Outlook 2013 are correct.  If the account has been working for some time and then starts producing this error, don’t assume that the settings must be correct.  From time to time, email providers will change their servers and settings and the old settings may no longer work.  It has also been reported in the past that by resetting the password at the email providers end can solve the problem for an account that has been working previously.  This is the MOST common reason so don’t skip past this step.

Reason 2. Antivirus causes Error 0x800ccc0e

Depending on the antivirus vendor try disabling it temporarily to see if the problem has been resolved.  ESET email scanning has been known to produce this error in the past.

Reason 3. Corrupt OST or PST File

Try checking your Outlook data file for errors and repair if necessary following these instructions to repair your OST or PST file.

Reason 4. Corrupt Outlook 2013 Profile

The Outlook 2013 Profile may be corrupt.  Try setting up the account in a new Profile.