If you are opening up a program for OSX you may receive the following error message:

“App Can’t Be Opened Because It’s From An Unidentified Developer” Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.

Can't be opened because its from an unidentified developer

The reason you are receiving this message is the applications developer hasn’t been identified by Apple.  If you are certain that the program is safe to install there are two ways that you can bypass this security message and open the program.

Option 1 – Right Click When Opening

This is the preferred method as the computer will continue to prompt you for any new applications which you attempt to open and still leave your security intact.

All you need to do is right click on the application and select open.  A similar security prompt will appear but the option to open will be available.  After clicking open you may also be prompted to enter your password.



Option 2 – Permanently Allow Apps from Unidentified Developers to be Opened

This is not recommended however here is how to allow OSX applications to be opened from anywhere.

  1. Click on System Preferences
  2. From the System Preferences Pane click on Security and Privacy
  3. Click on the lock down the bottom left and enter your password
  4. Under Allow apps downloaded from, check the Anywhere radio button


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