In this tutorial we are going to look at how to remove and de-authorise Apps which have been previously authorised to access your Google Account.  If you are like me and you like trying out different Apps which automatically integrate with Google Apps, it is wise to increase the security of your account for Apps which the free trial period has expired or decide that you don’t want to use them anymore.


It’s never a good idea to let too many applications have access to your Google account. For one thing, this can lead to your account becoming cluttered and more difficult to use. Having too many applications tied to your account also poses a potential security threat. When you agree to let an app access your account you give it certain permissions that involve your sensitive data and personal information. If this app is compromised it could lead to your personal information getting compromised as well. You can increase security by removing certain apps from your Google account at any time using your main Google account settings page.

Step 1. Sign in to your Google Account

Open your Web browser and navigate to any page on Google’s domain. Click the button labeled “Sign In” in the top corner. Enter your username and password to log into your Google account. The “Sign In” button will be replaced with one labeled with your account username. Click this button to continue.

Step 2. Browse to Security

Click “Account” by first clicking on your picture at the top right hand side of the web browser and then selecting “Account” which should be underlined in blue. The page that loads features various options for configuring exactly how your Google account operates. Select the button labeled “Security” on the top menu bar.

Step 3. Edit your Authorised Apps

Find the portion of the screen labeled “Account Permissions” and click on “View All” in this portion of the screen to continue.

Step 4. Find the Application

Find the application you want to remove from your account in the right hand side section of the screen. Each application will have two key pieces of information. The first will be the name of the service in question and the second will be the type of access that particular service has. For example, if a particular service is using your account to access your Google Reader feed, the name of the service will be listed followed by the term “Google Reader.”

Step 5. Revoke Access

Click once on the App you wish to revoke access to and then Click the grey “Revoke Access” button  on the top right hand side. This will automatically remove the selected application or service from your Google account. Repeat this process for any other service you want to remove at this time.

These instructions were current as at 19/03/2014.  Please keep in mind that Google some times like to swap the elements around but the basics should remain the same.