If you’re using Apple Mac Mail and the coloured lines and text that you see in replies are interfering with the way you respond to emails here’s how to remove them.

Remove-Colored-Lines-Apple-Mac-Mail-1Some people may be thinking, Why would you want to remove the coloured quotes?  If you’re replying to a lot of questions in a senders email and you want to put the answers and comments next to the original questions and then reply with “See below” it can often look messy.

Step 1. Open Mac Mail Preferences

Whilst in Mac Mail, from the top menu bar click on Mail and then Preferences.

Step 2. Fonts and Colors

Click on the Fonts and Colors tab and uncheck the “Color quoted text” checkbox.


Step 3. Composing

Now click on the Composing tab.

Uncheck the “Increase quote level” checkbox.


From now on when you reply to any new emails the quoted text will be in the same format as the original message and those quoted colour lines will be gone.


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