Robocopy is used to copy directories and files in windows.  Here are some Robocopy examples which can be used.

Robocopy – How to copy a directory

As the title says this Robocopy command will copy a directory to another location.

Robocopy C:\test D:\test

Robocopy – How to copy the complete folder hierarchy or directory structure

Robocopy /S C:\test\subfolder D:\backup\test

Robocopy – How to cust and paste using the Robocopy Command

To cut and paste in Robocopy you use the /MOV switch.  The /MOV switch will delete files and the /MOVE switch will delete directories as well.

For example – Deleting files only

robocopy /mov /s /e c:\test\test c:\test1\test

And for deleting files along with the directories

robocopy /move /s /e c:\test\test c:\test1\test

How to set the Hidden Attribute in Robocopy

To set the hidden attribute we use the  /A+:H attribute (A stands for Attribute and H stands for Hidden)

robocopy /s /e /a+:h c:\test c:\test1

There are a few more switches and options, we’ll add them as we come across them.  If you know of any others let us know in the comments.


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