When setting up your Google Apps / Gmail account as your email program on outlook, many people make the mistake of using the Outlook wizard to add the account.  Whilst this will add your Gmail business email to your outlook it will miss the exchange like functionality of syncing your Google CHalendar, Google Tasks and Google Contacts.  In this article we are going to look at setting up Gmail using Google Apps Sync for Outlook.  This will only work for paid Google Apps for Business accounts and not the free gmail version.

These instructions are for those who are setting their Google Mail to Outlook sync with a newly created account and have no existing data to migrate.

Step 1. Download Google Apps Sync for Outlook

Visit https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync to download the latest version of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2. Install Google Apps Sync for Outlook

Double click on the downloaded file and start installing.  If prompted, allow the program to install

Step 3. Sign In and Authorise

On the screen that pops up sign in with your google email address and click continue

Your default web browser will pop up with the Google Sign in page. Enter your gmal address and password and click on sign in

Scroll down the page after signing in and accept

Step 4. Create a new profile and start Outlook

This one sometimes hides behind the current window.  Look for the flashing G in the task bar and then click create profile on the window that pops up

Click on Start Microsoft Outlook

After outlook opens there will be another window that opens.  Remove the tick on the “Open this window when Microsoft Outlook starts” to disable it popping up every time you open outlook and then click on close.

Congratulations.  You’ve now set up Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.  Your email, contacts, calendar and tasks will now start syncing with Google Apps for Business.