Here’s how to make a Hexagon Shaped Photo in Photoshop for Mac

Step 1

Select the Polygon Tool

Photoshop Hexagon Tool

Step 2

Make Sure Sides is set to 6

6 Sides Hexagon Photoshop

Step 3

Draw your Hexagon on a New Layer in Photoshop

Photshop Hexagon Fill

Step 4

Rotate the Hexagon as Required

Rotate Hexagon 1


Step 5

Create A Clipping Mask

Create Clipping Mask

Step 6

Create a new layer and open your picture

Step 7

Drag your Picture on Top of the Hexagon

Hexagon Photoshop Clipping Mask

Whilst these instructions were created for OSX.  Users of Photoshop in Windows will find that the instructions will be very similar.