Learn how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2013 to automatically respond with your Out-Of-Office message to incoming email.

Step 1. Click on File

Click on File and then Info

Step 2. Click on Automatic Replies



Step 3. Set Up your Automatic Replies for Inside My Organisation

  • Check the “Send Automatic Replies” radio button
  • Choose your start and finish time
  • Type your Message


Step 4. Set up your Automatic Replies for Outside My Organisation



Step 5. Cancelling your Outlook 2013 Out Of Office Message

If you didn’t specify a date or you want to cancel our Automatic replies:

Click on File, Info and then Automatic Replies

Choose “Do not send automatic replies

Make sure you do this or both Inside My Organization and Outside My Organization



Setting up the Microsoft Outlook 2013 Out Of Office message is similar to Outlook 2010.  Just be aware that if you are testing the automatic reply yourself it will only respond on the first email to that address and not subsequent emails.