Here’s a perplexing Copying and Pasting issues that we had recently come across in relation to copying and pasting other computers clipboards without any clipboard sharing software installed.  This was a security issue as one could imagine.  This was also happening between Windows and Mac Computers.


When pressing Control + V or right clicking and pasting on your computer the clipboard from another computer on the same network is pasted.


After much verifying of software installed on each of the computers to ensure there was no rogue software installed which could be causing this issue we took a look at software which was common on each of the computers.  Because the issue was present across both Mac and Winodws computers it made it a little bit easier.  Apart from Microsoft Office the one program we found in common was Teamviewer.

What we found was that each of the computers were connecting in to a remote computer in order to monitor a piece of production software.  What was happening was the built in Teamviewer Clipboard Synchronization was sharing the clipboards across all the connected computers.

Resolution – Disable Teamviewer Clipboard Synchronization

Teamviewer Clipboard Synchronization


Step 1. Open the Teamviewer window and select Extras and then options

Step 2. Select Advanced

Step 3. Click on the button “Show advanced options”

Step 4.  Scroll down to option “Clipboard Synchronization” and uncheck this option


Step 1. Whilst the Teamviewer windows is active click on Teamviewer and then Preferences

Step 2. From the window that pops up click on advanced

Step 3. Uncheck Clipboard Synchronization

Hopefully this helps someone out there that has had a similar issue.