There could be a few reasons why Adobe Photoshop CS6 is flickering in Windows 8 however the most common reason we have found is due to the Graphics Processor Settings.  More than likely this will be fixed with an update to either the GPU drivers or Photoshop CS6 program itself but until then it may be worth trying the following.

Step 1

Whilst in Photoshop CS6 click on the Edit Menu

Step 2

Click on Preferences

Step 3

Click on Performance

Step 4

Un tick the box which says “Use Graphics Processor”

Step 5

Close and Re-open Photoshop

If the above steps don’t work you can also try the following:

  1. Change the Drawing mode down to Basic in Advanced Options instead.
  2. If you have an inbuilt Graphics Card as well as a separate one try changing to the external graphics card in Photoshop for processing
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