How to restore PPTP VPN Access back to Mac OS Sierra

If you’ve recently upgraded to Mac OS Sierra you may have noticed that your VPN settings have been deleted during the upgrade process.  Upon trying to enter the VPN settings again you may notice that there is NO PPTP option.  Unfortunately Apple has removed the PPTP client from Mac OS Sierra due to PPTP lacking the security features of other VPN protocols.

As stated by Apple:

If you’ve set up a PPTP VPN server, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra users won’t be able to connect to it. iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will remove PPTP connections from any VPN profile when a user upgrades their device.

Even though PPTP protocol is still available on iOS 9 and earlier or OS X El Capitan and earlier, we don’t recommend that you use it for secure, private communication.

PPTP VPN Mac OS Sierra

For those who this has come as a surprise and need to regain PPTP VPN access on Mac OS Sierra you’ll need to use a third party VPN Client to regain access to your PPTP servers.  Below is a list of PPTP VPN Clients for Mac OS Sierra which will restore PPTP VPN access back to your Mac:

  1. Shimo VPN – Free Trial Available

As we find more PPTP VPN Clients we’ll update this list

Update: 7/10/16.  We are still looking for other PPTP VPN Client alternatives for macOS Sierra but we haven’t been able to find any either paid or free.  At this point Shimo VPN is the only one we can find available.  If you know of any others please let us know in the comments.

Applies to: MacOS Sierra

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