If you are a regular firefox user you may notice that in many instances there is no option to run files downloaded from the internet, only the Save as or Save command is available.  Whilst this has more than likely been implemented as a security measure, advanced users may wish to add the Run command back to the save dialogue box.  One work around is to install an extension in Firefox called OpenDownload2.  To add this extension to firefox please follow these steps:

Step 1

Whilst firefox is open click on the three bars up the top right hand corner

Step 2

Click on Add Ons

Step 3

Ensure Get Add-Ons is selected in the left hand menu

Step 4

In the search box type Opendownload2 and press enter


Step 5

Click on Install next to Opendownlaod2

Step 6

Restart Firefox

After you’ve completed these steps you will be given the option to run a file instead of saving it to your computer first.

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