Phishing emails are not anything new.  We get them all the time – Australia Post, Banking etc…  This one below however is something to keep an eye out on as it looks like someone has put in a bit of effort to make it look as it is legitimately from Telstra.

Telstra Scam Email

As you can see from the above email, the only thing that suggests that this email could be fraudulent is the poor grammar.  For those whose english isn’t their first language this may go overlooked.

We can however see that if we hover over the Log In To My Account link that the button doesn’t take you to a web page.

Telstra Fraud Email Scam

This is the web page it takes you to.

Telstra Scam Website

Notice the website address is and not

Scammers these days are getting better at sending phishing emails and it’s important to be very wary of any links that you click on in emails when asking you to log in to your account and ALWAYS check the URL which is displayed in the browser window before entering any sensitive information.